People are organisation’s most valuable asset. Not having the right people in the right job at the right time can be a disaster, setting back your company’s growth and success. To avoid getting entangled into such a scenario, it’s important for you to link-up with a source well-equipped to provide you with the right resources that fit your needs cost-effectively, without causing chaos.

This is where StarWell Systems LLC can help you find, recruit and retain talent, commensurate with your specific requirements. Our contract or contract-to-hire resources are skilled, and well-equipped to interview, screen, test and eventually recruit candidates with the capability to meet your project deliverables on time and on budget. Further, our staff augmentation services can help minimise the need to re-learn critical vertical nuances.


StarWell’s team of recruitment professionals constantly build internal database of resources, skilled and ready to cater to the following areas of the software development life cycle (SDLC):

IT Strategies

Program Management

Project Management

Database Configuration and Optimization

Application Integration and Migration

Programming Services

Testing and Validation


Technical Help desk

Key Differentiators in Contract Staffing

Shorter turn-around to client requirements

By harnessing the power of StarWell Systems strong proficiency in Technical Staffing, you get the benefit of:

Consultants with business orientation besides tools and technology expertise

Structured hiring, induction, and re-tooling practices ensure employee retention

Refining your requirements

Locating, screening, salary negotiation, and in-depth reference check of the right candidate

Whether your requirement is for a single facility or to support a multi-location national operation, StarWell Systems LLC has the requisite capabilities and resources to keep pace with key changes and shifts in the industry to help you have the right candidate in the right job at the right time.