About Consulting firm

StarWell Systems LLC, combines deep technical knowledge with strong domain-expertise to provide smart, cutting-edge and tailor-made software and hardware IT business and staffing solutions that delivers sustainable results of tangible value. Guided by professionals with a proven reputation for repeat success, StarWell Systems LLC has successfully built a strong reputation for providing innovative solutions of enduring value through seamless access to skilled and ‘ready-to-work’ resources, which have enabled our clients to maximise returns on their investments.

The technical team at Starwell, works as a well-oiled unit in total harmony to assist your team with strategic planning, software development, database migration, or finding that ideal resource for project requirements, maximising productivity and business efficiency while minimising errors, waste and costs-overruns.

At Starwell, we recognise how important is talent to every organisation and how the world of workplace is changing. Combining traditional recruitment methodology with modern recruitment techniques, our recruitment professionals with 15 plus years experience, offer the most robust staffing solutions to help you acquire uniquely qualified technical professionals and optimise the right talent, where and when you need it, through the power of collaboration.

Our Business

About Consulting firm

We take pride in the fact that we have carved a niche for ourselves in our domain-areas in the industry, providing clients with exceptional growth opportunities while maintaining the highest levels of excellence and commitment to partners and clients.

Our overall belief is when our clients excel, we excel. As technology evolves and drives constant change, it’s more vital than ever for you to link-up with the right source at the right time for the right solutions that exceeds your expectations and accomplish goals that bring immediate ROI, with a commitment to building a strong working relationship.

Our main goal

We are leader in

Our Mission

To improve outcomes for our customers and deliver value that inspires confidence in the future.

Our Vission

To position ourselves as a high-end, service-driven company, committed to meeting the needs of a diverse marketplace.

Our Services at a glance

Our customized services include software development, technical staffing services, Enterprise level web-based applications, Web Services, Enterprise level database services, Software hosting, Technical support services. We are extremely pleased that more than 75% of our technically proficient resources are on our W2, GC holders or hold H1B visa’s sponsored by our company making them ready to quickly place into leading U.S. companies. When you partner with InfoSmart and you can be sure that we our resources possess expert knowledge in the latest and greatest technologies. We have positioned ourselves to partner with your project requirements with excellence.

Our Services objective

Achieve reduced operational risk by reducing manual processing

Improve the timeliness of information delivery

Enhance your access to data

Streamline integration between primary and downstream applications

Access more complete, accurate and timely information to make better-informed decisions